How To Change Your Belief and Create Change In Life

how to change your belief

Can you change someone who doesn’t want to change? The short answer is yes. The long answer is you need to find the leverage point that can make themselves to do it. The leverage to them can be money, relationship, their children or their spiritual growth.

If you have enough leverage and you can learn to break the pattern then you can make change.

The only way people can change is when they associate change with enough pain or pleasure or both. For example, let’s say you want to give up smoking. To do this you need to associate how smoking is painful, i.e. how it can kill you and how giving up smoking is pleasurable i.e. saving money, getting closer to your children, etc… or a combination of both pain and pleasure. This way you can easily follow through your decision.

What means pain or pleasure is what you actually associate in your nervous system. Therefore the only way to create change is changing what you link pain and pleasure in your nervous system.

If you want to create change and you want to do it right now, you need to get some coaching with total immersion. Tony Robbins events are some of the best personal development events in the world that you can get this type of coaching to transform your life.

Look into your life right now, every thought, every feeling and every emotion is shaped  by 2 things: your beliefs and your values. All of your life is controlled by the decisions you make. The sad thing is that this decision making process is mostly made on autopilot which we are not aware of.

There are certain patterns that make people crazy, overwhelmed, depressed and want to give up. And there are also patterns that make people motivated, inspired, empowered and want to be the master of their life.

It’s not enough to know what to do, you must know why you need to do it. 80% of success is based on psychology and and 20% is mechanics. This means 20% of change is knowing what to do, and 80% of change is knowing why you must do it, why it is a must for you to follow through.

Another difficulty you face when you try to make change is your inner conflict. Let’s say you want to become financially free but you don’t want others to judge you or lose your friends. Or let’s say you want to lose weight but your parents and siblings are overweight so if you lose weight and stay thin you might not feel accepted by your family.

These inner conflicts make us walk two step forward and three step backwards. This makes people sabotage themselves. Unleash The Power Within event by Tony Robbins is very effective in changing your emotional state and dissolve your inner conflicts. Tony Robbins tickets can be a little bit expensive but it’s really worth it.

Watch this video to learn the 3 factors that you can use to create any change in your life: