6 Tips To Be A Confident Public Speaker

become good at public speaking

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of public speaking

Glossophobia is one of the common fears of people; it is a fact that the anxiety brought by speaking in front of a live audience has delivered much concern and stress to people that it is now considered as a hard task, which most probably the reason why a distinct number of people is afraid of it.

Public speaking should not be something that you would be afraid of, you should consider it as a privilege since as we all know “everybody wants to talk but nobody wants to listen”. However, we cannot deny the fact that when you are in front of everyone to deliver a talk or a speech there is a big possibility that you would be pressured by the way they will look at you , as well as to be disturbed by the fact that they are observing your every move, pronunciation, and even mannerisms.

Some people think that public speaking is something you are naturally good at. This is not correct. As though some one might appear to be a natural speaker, they actually spend years to practice. To be good at public speaking, you must believe in yourself. If you don’t, you must change your belief in order to become great at it.

These are the reasons why we have created for you a shortlist of things and tips that might help you in becoming a confident public speaker; in this way you will be able to handle yourself well in front of your audience no matter how “critical” they may be.

How To Boost Your Confidence In Public Speaking Like Tony Robbins

There are numerous ways which would help you in improving your confidence in terms of public speaking. We have listed some of them which we think that would help you in realizing your goal to be an eloquent and confident public speaker, all you need to do is to put them into practice wholeheartedly along with an earnest passion to be the best in whatever you plan to do in your life.

#1. Be Prepared

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Sydney
Tony Robbins at his event

Preparation is everything. Even master public speaker like Tony Robbins who has done live events for decades, still prepares his presentation and especially his mental state every time he teaches his Unleash The Power Within event.

As the saying goes “confidence comes after preparation” being prepared will help you feel more confident in delivering your speech since you know that you have planned it in the best way that you can. In addition, preparation will help diminish the feeling of nervousness right before you deliver your speech in this way; there is a higher possibility that you would start your public speech on the right track so it will go on smoothly.

#2. It’s never about you, it’s about the message

Honestly, the talk is not about you so don’t be too concern about the “You” part of the public speaking, because the “message” part of the speech is the most important of all; far more important than you. Focus on the audience and how you can add value to them instead of worrying about how you look or sound. Remember it’s all about serving the audience and making your message valuable to them.

#3. It’s normal to be nervous

Even the bests of public speakers feel nervous every time they stand in front of a crowd to deliver a speech or a small talk, so the next time you felt butterflies in your stomach before you deliver a talk consider it normal, breath –in –breath-out, then go.

#4. Practice – Take a video of yourself and assess

become good at public speakingPractice makes perfect and there are many ways to practice public speaking. Our century offers a wide array of technology which can be used to assess ourselves in many ways possible. It would be a good practice to take a video of yourself and honestly self-assess your flaws to improve and highlight your good points as you simulate your speech delivery.

You can also gather your friends or family members around and ask them for their time to listen to your presentation and provide constructive feedback. This will help improves your confidence.

#5. Believe in your capacity to improve

In all things, believe in yourself that you can do it or else nothing good will happen. It is on self-belief and perseverance in your goal that will make you realize your dream to be a confident public speaker. Once you stop believing in the power of your dream and capacity then, you will never achieve your goal-all previous efforts for improvement will then be put to waste.

#6. Be passionate about the topic

Passion is the fuel for your speech. You will always find more ways and things to talk about when it’s your passion. Every public speaker is good at what they do because they talk about the things they are most passionate about. You will run out of word when you talk about something that bores you. Passion gives the power and energy to get your message across the audience. See the video below about Tony Robbins, look at the way he talks, his voice and body language,  it’s all about passion.

We hope this article provides some good tips about public speaking. Practice and keep practicing until you become a master at it. Good luck!

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How To Change Your Belief and Create Change In Life

how to change your belief

Can you change someone who doesn’t want to change? The short answer is yes. The long answer is you need to find the leverage point that can make themselves to do it. The leverage to them can be money, relationship, their children or their spiritual growth.

If you have enough leverage and you can learn to break the pattern then you can make change.

The only way people can change is when they associate change with enough pain or pleasure or both. For example, let’s say you want to give up smoking. To do this you need to associate how smoking is painful, i.e. how it can kill you and how giving up smoking is pleasurable i.e. saving money, getting closer to your children, etc… or a combination of both pain and pleasure. This way you can easily follow through your decision.

What means pain or pleasure is what you actually associate in your nervous system. Therefore the only way to create change is changing what you link pain and pleasure in your nervous system.

If you want to create change and you want to do it right now, you need to get some coaching with total immersion. Tony Robbins events are some of the best personal development events in the world that you can get this type of coaching to transform your life.

Look into your life right now, every thought, every feeling and every emotion is shaped  by 2 things: your beliefs and your values. All of your life is controlled by the decisions you make. The sad thing is that this decision making process is mostly made on autopilot which we are not aware of.

There are certain patterns that make people crazy, overwhelmed, depressed and want to give up. And there are also patterns that make people motivated, inspired, empowered and want to be the master of their life.

It’s not enough to know what to do, you must know why you need to do it. 80% of success is based on psychology and and 20% is mechanics. This means 20% of change is knowing what to do, and 80% of change is knowing why you must do it, why it is a must for you to follow through.

Another difficulty you face when you try to make change is your inner conflict. Let’s say you want to become financially free but you don’t want others to judge you or lose your friends. Or let’s say you want to lose weight but your parents and siblings are overweight so if you lose weight and stay thin you might not feel accepted by your family.

These inner conflicts make us walk two step forward and three step backwards. This makes people sabotage themselves. Unleash The Power Within event by Tony Robbins is very effective in changing your emotional state and dissolve your inner conflicts. Tony Robbins tickets can be a little bit expensive but it’s really worth it.

Watch this video to learn the 3 factors that you can use to create any change in your life:

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The Biology of Belief and How It Affects Cancer

The biology of belief and how it affects cancer

According to Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.,  the power of belief has significantly profound effects on human behavior and our genetic expression. How we can rise to the level of being master and become empowered are found in research in the field of Behavioral Epigenetics .

This video, Dr. Bruce talked about how Angelina Jolie’s recent public disclosure of her double mastectomy to avoid cancer raises concern about  the way which we choose to heal ourselves.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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